Dušan Kastelic, Slovenija Slovenia, 2008, 8′, animirani animation

This animated film, based on the song by Iztok Mlakar, follows the story of a simple peasant couple from their wedding to their death. The main thread of the story is a tiny deceit – throughout their whole life the wife has prepared a cheap coffee substitute (chicory) instead of real coffee for her husband.

Scenarij / Screenplay: Dušan Kastelic, Iztok Mlakar
Fotografija / Cinematography: Dušan Kastelic
Animacija / Animation : Dušan Kastelic, Cory Collins
Montaža / Editing: Dušan Kastelic
Scenografija / Scenography: Dušan Kastelic, Uroš Hohkravt
Zvok / Sound: Mateja Starič
Glasba / Music: Iztok Mlakar
Produkcija / Production: Bugbrain, Inštitut za animacijo (Dušan Kastelic)
Kontakt / Contact: dusan@bugbrain.com

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