Nika Autor, Ciril Oberstar, 2017, Slovenija Slovenia, 39’ dokumentarni documentary

The film tries to position and understand a particular image – a shred of video made with a mobile phone on the once famous Belgrade – Ljubljana rail-line, where refugees now travel not in couchettes but between the train’s wheels. Newsreel 63 drifts into a visual investigation of railways and explores their historical, social and political narrative.

* after the screening a round table will be held where we will discuss the work of Nika Autor and the Newsreel Front.

Scenarij / Screenplay: Ciril Oberstar, Nika Autor
Fotografija / Cinematography: Nika Autor
Montaža / Editing: Nika Autor
Zvok / Sound: Matevž Kolenc, Miha Šajina
Glasba / Music: Matevž Kolenc, Miha Šajina
Nastopajo / Cast: Pia Nikolič
Produkcija / Production: MG+MSUM, KGLU
Kontakt / Contact: