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Sharpening the gaze at FeKK!

Film criticism workshop

FeKK’s film criticism workshop Sharpening the gaze is back! We are going to watch a selection of short films under the late summer sky, sitting on the grass, and later share our thoughts on films in a discussion with the mentor dr. Maja Krajnc, KINO! magazine’s editor-in-chief.
Through debate the workshop participants are going to learn about the specifics of short form in various film genres and gain insight into different approaches to film art. We are particularly going to dedicate ourselves to young and edgy film authors and themes that concern young people, and by doing so sharpen our criticism towards film art and the world around us. To widen our horizons, our conversations are going to include several authors, film and festival workers.
Equipped with all this new knowledge, we are going to try to write a film critique from the idea to the final product. The texts are going to take shape and develop through debates with the mentor, who is also going to offer constructive criticism, comments and guidelines on them. The final texts are going to be published on the web site of the festival and at the web page of Sharpening the gaze.