Award Winner – Në Mes / In Between (Samir Karahoda, Kosovo, 2018)

»The jury decided to give Gran Prix award to the impressive multi-layered documentary, wich represents a great example of visual story telling. One of film’s qualities is minimalistic composition in portraying the houses and people who don’t live in them. The film gradually  exposes social situation in Kosovo as a desolated homeland and a country where people would want to live, but they don’t. This problem is not just a problem of the depicted country, but is maybe also an universal problem of the whole region. The Grand Prix award goes to film Vmes (In between) by Samir Karahoda.«


Jury’s statement
»This year’s Slovenian film programme definitely showed us the direction the festival wants to take, and the type of filmmakers it wants to encourage in the future. As a jury, we recognised this intention and we strongly and with all our hearts want to support it. In this sense, the awards could be our small contribution to the bright future of Slovenian experimental cinema.«

Special Mention – Mašina spomina / Memory Machine (Kristina Kokalj, Slovenia, 2018)

»The jury decided to give a special mention film Memory machine. The film seduces our memory with rich layers of sounds and images which are usually hard to remember. The jury recognised the experimental courage and wanted to award the film for its creative formal solutions, which at the same time adress our emotions and our mind.«

Award Winner – Dere sen jas mali bija / In My Younger Days (Tina Ščavničar, Slovenia, 2019)

»The film is merging the portrait of the city and a selfportrait of filmmaker in a very sensitive way. The performatic aspect of the film and the well thought compositions of the shots create a unique visual language, while the use of the traditional folk song and the protagonist in the film gradually bring us into the state of melancholy. Jury awards the film In my younger days by Tina Ščavničar as the best Slovene film from the competitive section.«


Special Mention – Mjesto odakle vam pišem pisma / The Place From Where I Write You Letters (Nikolina Bogdanović, Croatia, 2018)

»This intimate portrait of grandmother’s sister reflects the desire for communication and intimacy, that overcomes any distances and times. In a formaly very original way, the auteur is showing us a picture of a non existing time and place. The  film subtely shows the attachment of  female protagonist to her household enviroment and speaks about gender roles and material values of the dissapearing middle class. The jury gives a special mention to The place I’m writing you letters from by Nikolina Bogdanović

Award Winner – Gardhi / Fence (Lendita Zeqira, Kosovo, 2018)

»With this film we dive into everyday life of women of two generations. In this intimate portrait of women part of family the camera fluidity is in juxtaposition to scattered attention of both protagonists. The film portraits intergeneration conflicts, relationships among the genders, races, that are unobtrusely woven in conversations of family members. With those topics the film also touches broader social context. Award for best film in competitive program of films from area of ex Yugoslavia goes to film Ograja (Fence) by Lendita Zeqiraj.«


Critics’ Jury Award


Mačka je uvijek ženska/A Cat Is Always Female (Martina Meštrović, Tanja Vujasinović, Croatia, 2019)

»A Cat is Always Female is a complex and reflective film, that presents an imaginative fusion of different arts and techniques. It accurately visualises the work, life, and philosophy of its inspiring female protagonist. Images, sculptures, and cats as our metaphorical guides lead us through the history of social inequality and experience of women.«


Mašina spomina / Memory Machine (Kristina Kokalj, Slovenia, 2018)

»The author takes a bold approach to working with the medium of film and uses various techniques to uncover the artistic potentials of short form. Pulsating images and sounds stimulate viewer’s synapses and create a whole-body experience that pulls him or her into the memory machine.«