France, Mexico, fiction, 2017, 23’

Let It Be is the story of a Rock Mexican band, who’s lead singer is suffering from a lack of inspiration. After a mysterious encounter with a foreign singer, the band embarks with her on a journey to Oaxaca in search of a mysterious psychoactive medicine. A trip inspired by Antonin Artaud exile into Mexico, a search for a primitive, deeper and purer reality.

Režija: Txema Novelo
Scenarij: Txema Novelo
Fotografija: Michel Hadad
Montaža: Julie Robert
Zvok: Amine Arrom
Glasba: Bruno Dario
Igrajo: Molly Nilsson, Gabriel Noriega, Alberto Ruiz
Produkcija: Le Fresnoy (Elodie Wattiaux)