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My Darling Quarantine

16. 3. se je začel spletni festival kratkega filma My Darling Quarantine Selektorji največjih filmskih festivalov kot so Cannes, Berlin, Benetke, Locarno, Talin in drugih, so te dni združili moči in priredili Festival kratkega filma My Darling Quarantine, ki se v celoti odvija na spletu. Cilj festivala je zbiranje denarja za Zdravnike brez meja ter...Continue reading

FeKK 2019 Winners

FeKK GRAND PRIX Award Winner – Në Mes / In Between (Samir Karahoda, Kosovo, 2018) »The jury decided to give Gran Prix award to the impressive multi-layered documentary, wich represents a great example of visual story telling. One of film’s qualities is minimalistic composition in portraying the houses and people who don’t live in them....Continue reading


❗️Due to bad weather forecast, we’re moving all outdoor events under the roof of the Slovenian Cinematheque. Free tickets can be picked up an hour before the screenings. First come, first served.❗️ Thank you for your understanding. Yours truly, FeKK

Makavejev: The Yugoslav

Dušan Makavejev (1932–2019) se v zgodovino filma vpisuje z velikimi črkami. Enfant terrible, provokator, dušeslovec, erot, subverzivni poet, nadrealist, antiideolog – vse to so oznake, ki jih lahko pripišemo temu velikanu jugoslovanskega filma.

East of Eden: Animation

When we started with the East of Eden section, the idea was for this sidebar to represent a bridge between the programme and the fledgling industry section of FeKK by screening films from countries of similar production circumstances and themes to those in the former Yugoslavia.

FeKK SLO: FeKKsperimental 2019

There might be two interconnected tendencies that strike the eye at this year’s selection of Slovenian shorts: on the one hand, the scarce representation of professional production and, on the other, the boom of experimental films, which represent over a half of the FeKK SLO section.

East of Eden: Daughters

When we introduced the East of Eden section last year, the aim was to showcase the best short films from countries with similar themes and production circumstances to those in the region of former Yugoslavia. With this idea, we presented several short films from Eastern Europe, of various genres and forms.