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VR KINO @ Small Hall Kinodvora
VR Kino returns for the second year in a row to Kinodvor and will offer a selection of four award-winning 360 films from last year. As there are limited seats available, you can reserve a first class VR experience at:

Točka pobega / Fluchtpunkt

Austria, 360° fiction, 2017, 6′

Director: Béla Baptiste
Screenplay: Béla Baptiste
Cinematography: Alexander Dirninger
Costumes: Veronika Harb
Sound: Bernd Dormayer
Music: Fainschmitz
Cast: Dolly Lewis, Peter Marton, Alexey Hartlieb-Shea
Production: Lena Weiss (Filmakademie Wien)

Tonight is the great vernissage of the up-and-coming artist Carlotta Carlsen. While two girls mock her work, the important buyer waits impatiently – what could be delaying the artist’s arrival? She is stuck at home because her ex-boyfriend Raul has unexpectedly appeared to confront her. Their fight reaches its peak when, in the back alley, two robbers fleeing from the police see Carlotta’s window as a ticket to freedom.


Meter dvajset: slepi zmenek / Metro veinte: Cita ciega / 4 Feet: Blind Date

Argentina, 360° animation, fiction, 2018 19′

Director: María Belén Poncio
Screenplay: Rosario Perazolo Masjoan, Ezequiel Lenardón, Elisa GaglianoFotografija / Cinematography: Marcos Rostagno
Scenography: Guillermo Men
Sound: Spatial Sound Design: Ariel Litvinov
Music: Santiago Beltramo
Cast: Delfina Díaz Gavier, Cristóbal López Baena
Production: Detona Cultura

Juana, an 18-year-old girl in a wheelchair, is anxious to explore her sexuality. She’s going on a blind date with guy she found on social media. She didn’t tell him about her disability. Overcoming fears and an inaccessible city, they meet. Together they discover what their bodies feel.

Metro Viente


United Kingdom, 360° documentary, 2019, 10′

Director: Jon Griffith
Screenplay: Jon Griffith
Cinematography: Jon Griffith
Production: Jonathan Griffith Production

On the 30th April 2017 world famous climber Ueli Steck died on Mt. Nuptse whilst acclimatising for one of his biggest climbs yet – climbing both Mt. Everest and Mt. Lhotse without the use of bottled oxygen. In April 2018 Ueli’s close friends Jon Griffith and Sherpa Tenji attempted to finish off his project.


Sobe / Rooms

Germany, 360° documentary, 2018, 23′

Director: Christian Zipfel
Screenplay: Christian Zipfel
Cinematography: Jana Pape
Editing: Evgeny Kalachikhin
Sound: Olga Molchanova Reed
Music: Christian Dellacher
Production: Niklas Burghardt, production of Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF

Ever since sedentism, mankind has been creating closed and strictly regulated rooms. They facilitate the satisfaction of human drives and therefore provide a basis for our culture. Rooms will let you immerse into five intimate room realities. Having an anthropological view on the presented world, the narration follows the rooms’ archaic processes and watches the rooms’ dramatized physical development.